Human-Computer & Human-Food Interactions: Beyond Nutritional Data and Educational Information

Speaker:  Marcus Foth – Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Topic(s):  Web, Mobile and Multimedia Technologies


Raising people’s awareness of healthy and ecological food options with nutritional data and educational information does not foster a sustained practice towards a more environmentally friendly food culture. This presentation reports on a 3 year program of research into ubiquitous technology for sustainable food culture in the city. It sought to develop a better understanding of how to go beyond just informing and into supporting and sustaining action and change. Drawing on interaction design, ubiquitous computing and real-time data, the presentation will highlight research findings that informed viable new design approaches and information interfaces for innovative human-food interactions, which will strengthen our position to resolve problems of obesity, malnutrition and ecological issues of mass food processing, and in turn contribute to the sustainability of life in cities.

Professor Foth founded the Urban Informatics Research Lab at QUT in 2006. Ahead of their time and before the term “smart cities” became popular, the lab pioneered a new field of study and practice: Urban informatics, which examines how people create, apply and use information and communication technology and data in cities and urban environments. QUT Urban Informatics has been one of the leading research groups in the world conducting transdisciplinary research that addresses a number of critical challenges facing our cities. 

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Number of Slides:  57
Duration:  45 - 60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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