Visual Data Exploration

Speaker:  Eduard Gröller – Vienna, Austria
Topic(s):  Graphics and Computer-Aided Design


Visualization and Visual Computing use computer-supported, interactive, visual representations of (abstract) data to amplify cognition. In recent years data complexity and variability has increased considerably. This is due to new data sources as well as the availability of uncertainty, error and tolerance information. Instead of individual objects entire sets, collections, and ensembles are visually investigated. This raises the need for effective visual reformations, sparse interactions, and comparative visualization approaches. Visual data science and computational sciences provide vast amounts of digital variations of a phenomenon which can be explored through superposition, juxtaposition and explicit difference encoding. A few examples of visual data exploration coming from various areas of visualization, i.e., scientific visualization, information visualization and visual analytics, will be treated in more detail. Analysis techniques which combine visualization and simulation to assist decision making under uncertainty will be discussed. Given the amplified data variability, visual data exploration is likely to gain in importance in the future. Research challenges and directions are sketched at the end of the talk.

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Number of Slides:  51
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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