Mobile Wi-MAX for Broadband Wireless Internet

Speaker:  Abhishek Roy – San Francisco, United States
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


Mobile WiMAX is a fast growing broadband access technology that enables low-cost mobile Internet applications, and realizes the convergence of mobile and fixed broadband access in a single air interface and network architecture. Mobile WiMAX combines OFDMA and advanced MIMO schemes, along with flexible bandwidth and fast link adaptation, creating a highly efficient air interface that exceeds the capacity of existing 3G radio access networks. WiMAX networks, built on all-IP architecture for plug and play network deployments, can support a mix of different usage and service models. While some consider mobile WiMAX as a candidate for the fourth generation of mobile networks, others view it as the first generation of mobile Internet technologies emerging from a wider ecosystem targeting to extend the success of WiFi over wide area networks supporting mobility. This lecture provides a high-level overview of mobile WiMAX technology and its evolution roadmap from both radio and network perspectives. This includes Mobile WiMAX system profile, salient features, PHY and MAC layer description,Quality of Service, End-to-End Architecture, emerging applications, spectrum considerations and some product roadmaps.

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Number of Slides:  44
Duration:  120 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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