Risk-Based Packet Routing for Privacy and Compliance-Preserving SDN

Speaker:  Ashish Kundu – San Jose, CA, United States
Topic(s):  Security and Privacy


Software defined networking (SDN) is increasingly being used in data centers as well as enterprise networks. With the quality of service requirements, security and privacy requirements are top priorities for SDN in order to become the backbone of the next generation networking infrastructure. Depending on the deployment use case SDN could transport data that is not only private but also often mandated by regulatory security and privacy compliance requirements such as HIPAA. A critical role for an SDN controller is to route all data packets in privacy preserving manner.

In this talk, we propose a routing protocol for SDN which is a risk-based swarm routing protocol with a low time complexity. The programmable capability of controllers is exploited in order to minimize privacy and compliance risks in data transmission. The proposed routing protocol is based on the ant colony optimization technique and machine learning, while the data for learning is obtained from OVSDB, the OpenvSwitch Database management protocol for OpenvSwitch. We collect a history of data packets for training purposes and learn from the training data to efficiently and intelligently route sensitive data packets. This routing is obtained by intelligent eviction of rules that are downloaded to the switches. We have implemented the proposed schemes in the open source RYU controller.

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Number of Slides:  25
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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