The Immersive Internet

Speaker:  Karan Singh – Toronto, ON, Canada
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


The onset of consumer AR/VR necessitates rethinking the near quarter century old internet browser design of Mosaic and its successors. Simply pasting a current generation browser in front of your face in VR is fatiguing over long periods of focus, makes poor use of VR's expansive visual real estate, and sub-optimally presents new media like 360 videos, or 3D models and animation. Imagine instead, a webpage as an immersive space, and a link as a portal, a tear in space-time that you can magically open as needed, and walk right into another space. Now imagine that as you walk through the internet, you can interact and collaborate with other people, simply by virtue of being at the same internet address. Re-imagining webpages as webspaces is not about 2D versus 3D, rather enabling all content regardless of dimension to be presented optimally, and the ability to interact with this content with an interface that is as natural, or better than the way we interact with content in the physical world. This talk will address borh scientific and practical issues on the evolution of the internet in VR, set in the context of JanusVR, an immersive internet browser.

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Number of Slides:  14, 26
Duration:  15, 25 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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