Truth is a Lie

Speaker:  Lora Aroyo – New York City, NY, United States
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


In this talk we discuss two messages: (1) There is no single notion of truth, but rather a spectrum that has to account for context, opinions, perspectives and shades of grey. This is critical when we curate and describe online media collections, which will be consumed by variety of people with different intentions in numerous contexts. We need to focus on solutions that collect, harness and represent this multitude of perspectives in the descriptions of online audio-visual collections. Ultimately, harnessing the full spectrum of truth also for better machine intelligence. (2) Software is dead! Long live data! Data is at the centre of every process and data is essential to evolve with your users. This is critical for media organizations to bridge the gap between their services and the needs of the users. Cultural heritage and media companies have traditionally been driven by expert professionals, following a top down approach to offering content online and creating new interactions, engagements and services. However, users and their media habits are a rich source of knowledge, which we need to harness, understand and integrate in the business models. For example, a continuous cycle for harnessing crowds, niches & professionals in the Digital Age to collect, curate, and analyse data. (3) Quantum Intelligence and CrowdTruth are two examples that we have worked on as a way to align the digital & physical media worlds, empower the users and ultimately achieve the NextGen media ecosystems driven by data & crowds. 

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Number of Slides:  73
Duration:  45 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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