Towards Complete Virtual 3D Mock-Ups for Building Information Models (BIMs)

Speaker:  Renato Pajarola – Zurich, Switzerland
Topic(s):  Graphics and Computer-Aided Design


Thanks to the widespread availability, ease-of-use and low costs of modern 3D acquisition technologies, it is nowadays possible to acquire highly detailed digital 3D models of large real-world environments quickly and in a cost-effective way. In particular, the availability of accurate virtual 3D models of interiors has opened up new opportunities in the application contexts of real-estate digital asset management, building and facility maintenance, construction and engineering, or interior space planning and design. Through the extension of BIMs with detailed virtual 3D models, new activities and tasks based on virtual facilities inspection, interactive building exploration and immersive property showcasing can be tackled. In this talk I will review our activities and related work on the automatic extraction of architectural 3D models from scanned interior environments as well as the extraction of higher-level and abstract semantic information.

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Number of Slides:  40
Duration:  45 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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