Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Speaker:  Shrisha Rao – Bangalore, India
Topic(s):  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural language processing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are already widely used, and have the capacity to improve lives for billions of people going forward.  However, AI systems, which are machines, are not themselves ethical, and must be used ethically.  The designers and users of AI must not only be themselves ethical, but must also aid others in society to use AI ethically.  However, it is seen that classical training in computer science, information technology, etc., typically does not lay a good foundation to reason about the ethical design and use of AI systems.

This lecture briefly describes some core principles and aspects of ethics, and then touches on certain important aspects of ethics in AI, including explainability and transparency in algorithms; avoiding algorithmic bias; ethical design of autonomous systems; and minimizing adverse consequences of AI in privacy and human rights.

About this Lecture

Number of Slides:  60
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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