Dynamic Spectrum Management: spectrum sharing, LTE-U/LAA, WiFi-LTE aggregation, Multefire, Satellite, and terrestrial spectrum sharing

Speaker:  Shahid Mumtaz – AVEIRO, Portugal
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


The incredible increase in connected appliances and downloaded applications has pushed mobile operators to the edge limits of their licensed spectrum bands. This has triggered the idea of evolving the current radio access network to use the underutilized unlicensed spectrum and extending spectrum resources beyond current usage charts. Nevertheless, unlicensed access is gaining acceptance as one of the most significant solutions to improve the resource availability and system scalability in future 5G/B5G networks. The local contiguous access of spectrum using ultra-dense deployment of small cells enables the utilization of every single Hertz of the spectrum, including the unlicensed band. The millstones for such technology have been verified with the emergence of licensed-assisted access and LTE-WiFi aggregation technologies. The interoperability between licensed and unlicensed spectrums allows the transfer of higher data volumes with the additional airtime obtained from the unlicensed spectrum. However, this interoperability needs to be investigated from two perspectives: radio access and backbone management. The aggregation of two wireless interfaces at the RAN side is still shaping up for efficient and fair spectrum sharing. The Third Generation Partnership Project and WiFi Alliance are the leading bodies debating such technologies. Supporting interoperability from the backbone segment to enable multi-connectivity and packet forwarding between dynamic clusters has gained more attention within the IEEE 5G Initiative and the creation of the IEEE 1932.1 Standard WG. Therefore, in this presentation, we will explain different dynamic spectrum techniques and its sharing with other technologies along with satellite.

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