Big Data, Machine leaning and Block Chain

Speaker:  Shahid Mumtaz – AVEIRO, Portugal
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


The importance of big data in machine learning cannot be overstated in recent times. Through the evolution of big data, most scientific technologies that relied heavily on enormous data in solving complex issues in human lives gained grounds; machine learning is an instance of these technologies. Various machine learning models that yield groundbreaking throughputs with high efficiency rates in predicting, detecting, classifying, discovering and acquiring in-depth knowledge about events that would otherwise be very difficult to ascertain have been made possible due to big data. Although big data has undoubtedly helped in the field of machine learning research , over the years, its mode of acquisition has posed great challenge in industries, education and other agencies that obtained them for various purposes. It is worth mentioning that the security of these Big data being purchased expensively cannot be even assured limiting various researches that thrive on secured data. In order to curb these occurrences and have better machine learning models, the incorporation of Blockchain Technology databases into machine learning. This presentation discusses the concept of big data, Machine Learning and Blockchains. It further discusses how Big data has impacted the Machine learning Community, the significance of Machine Learning and how the BlockChain Technology could be used similarly impact the Machine Learning Community. The aim of this paper is to encourage further research in incorporating the BlockChain Technology into Machine Learning

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Duration:  120 minutes
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