Change in Perspective: Journey from Vehicular Networks to Vehicular Clouds and Vehicular Social Networks

Speaker:  Rasheed Hussain – Innopolis, Russian Federation
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


Automobiles were once considered to be the realm of mechanical engineers, but not anymore, thanks to the tremendous advancements in the communication and computation technologies. These technologies, at least part of it, have been embedded into the high-end cars today. Today’s vehicles are capable of a lot more than just driving the passengers from a source to destination. With on-board computation, communication, and storage resources, the car can be perfectly capable of communicating with each other, and with the infrastructure. This phenomenon gave rise to the evolution of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) realized through Vehicular Ad hoc NETwork (VANET). VANET is on the verge of deployment and world leading auto industry giants, investors, academia, and service providers are testing their waters for VANET deployment in order to make a smooth transition towards reliable, safe, and infotainment-rich driving. It is envisioned that in the near past, such intelligent cars will pervade our highways. Nevertheless, prior to its mass scale deployment, VANET is evolving into two more exciting communication paradigms namely vehicular clouds and vehicular social networks.

In this talk, the journey of pure VANET towards vehicular clouds and vehicular social networks will be discussed. The first part will cover signatory VANET from services, applications, security, and privacy standpoint whereas the second part will cover the rationale for vehicular clouds and the new exciting services therein. The third part will put light on emerging vehicular social networks and the final part will discuss the open questions and current challenges that have caused impeded momentum in the deployment of these technologies. 

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Duration:  45 minutes
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