Software Development in Large Organizations

Speaker:  Vishnu S Pendyala – San Jose, CA, United States
Topic(s):  Software Engineering and Programming


Large organizations can leverage the economies of scale in a number of ways, particularly in the area of Software Engineering. DevOps, which evolved as a dominant Software Engineering practice, plays a crucial role in the software industry today. From a handful of tools, a decade or two ago, there are hundreds of popular tools and techniques in the DevOps area today. The talk will examine how these tools, techniques, and processes around them help large organizations develop high quality products that are delivered on a continuous basis. The DevOps world is continuing to rapidly expand, improving quality of the software products and the productivity of the engineers developing them. This talk will give insights into what goes in the process of software development in large organizations. It will discuss some of the tools that are prominently used for the purpose and the processes that are implemented.

Depending on the time availability, the topics covered will include an overview of the groups and functions within a software organization, product, program, and release management, agile development, software configuration management, life of a bug and the commit process, continuous integration and deployment, tools for compliance, static analysis, cloud computing, and containerization. The talk will be particularly beneficial to students who would want to be exposed to the industry life that will start for them shortly. The talk will expose the attendees, particularly students, to the software engineering processes in large organizations and possibly better their chances of employment in such organizations.

About this Lecture

Number of Slides:  30 - 90
Duration:  45 - 240 minutes
Languages Available:  English, Hindi
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