Mapping Learning Outcomes with Learning Objectives to Achieve Real Impact of Outcome based Education (OBE)

Speaker:  G R Sinha – Mandalay, Myanmar
Topic(s):  Society and the Computing Profession


In present scenario, in all educational institutes especially higher education organizations and universities, OBE (outcome based education) is much talked about. Student learning outcomes are assessed and mapped with learning objectives set for various courses and deliverable to learners. The process of mapping plays significant role in success and progress of students, but it is taken as an even in several organizations. In fact, the mapping process needs to be adopted as a continuous process. This lecture highlights how a continuous system could be developed in assessing and evaluating the learning outcomes which are mapped vis-à-vis learning objectives.  ICT tools can be of great help in the mapping process to achieve real impact of OBE framework and therefore role of ICT tools and suitable platforms will be discussed for mapping process which will be also very useful for accreditation programs of different programmes and institutions. 

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Number of Slides:  45
Duration:  90 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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