Introduction to Hybrid Information-Centric Networking

Speaker:  Luca Muscariello – Paris, France
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


Information-centric networking is a new way to look at networking where data is a first-class network citizen. The network architecture is designed around this concept and all network protocols are pivoted towards this design principle. As a result, location-independent communications, many-to-many communications, multi-path, multi-homing are built-in services.
Moreover, security is centered around data and not obtained by securing the end-points. In the research community ICN has gained momentum starting from the work of Van Jacobson and team at PARC with the CCNx project launched in open source in 2009. After almost ten years the CCNx protocol specifications are published as IETF RFCs.
More recently, Cisco has designed Hybrid ICN, an architecture that makes ICN available inside the Internet protocol by using IPv6 as core technology. Taking advantage of ten years of research work in the area, the hICN project has been launched in open source in the Fast Data project in the Linux Networking Foundation.
This talk will walk you through the Hybrid ICN network architecture: how data sources are named in a way that ICN packet processing and transport is possible. An introduction of transport protocols is given and also it is shown how applications can take advantage of new kinds of name-based communications socket.

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Duration:  60 minutes
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