Cyber Security with Application to Intelligent Transportation Systems

Speaker:  Alireza Jolfaei – Sydney, NSW, Australia
Topic(s):  Security and Privacy


Autonomous vehicular technology is approaching a level of maturity that gives confidence to the end-users in many cities around the world for their usage so as to share the roads with manual vehicles. Autonomous and manual vehicles have different capabilities which may result in surprising safety, security and resilience impacts when mixed together as a part of the Intelligent Transportation System. For example, autonomous vehicles are able to communicate electronically with one another, make fast decisions and associated actuation, and generally act deterministically. In contrast, manual vehicles cannot communicate electronically, are limited by the capabilities and slow reaction of human drivers, and may show some uncertainty and even irrationality in behaviour due to the involvement of human. At the same time, humans can react properly to more complex situations than autonomous vehicles. Unlike manual vehicles, the security of computing and communications of autonomous vehicles can be compromised thereby precluding them from achieving individual or group goals. Given the expected mixture of autonomous and manual vehicles that is expected to persist for many decades, safety and security issues for a mixture of autonomous and manual vehicles are crucial to investigate before autonomous vehicles enter our roadways in numbers. The talk will explain relevant concepts, review the state-of-the-art, present representative solutions and discuss open challenges. To wrap up, I will describe the future direction of cyber security research applied to intelligent transportation systems, and I will suggest potential avenues for collaborative research in this area.  

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Number of Slides:  50
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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