Avoid Energy Exhaustion in Sensor-based Applications: Recent Advances and Future Trends

Speaker:  Mohamed Elhoseny – Mansoura, Egypt
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


Smart sensors are widely used in smart city applications. These sensors are the main component of the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), which has been extensively used in health care, transportation management, military surveillance, etc. In these applications, battery-operated sensors are placed in open ?elds without human attendance and acquire data continuously over time. Communication between the sensor nodes and the base station could be expensive. Minimizing the power consumption in energy-limited sensors is a crucial issue to extend the functionality and availability of the application. In this lecture, we provide an overview of the current methodologies that have been proposed to minimize the energy exhaustion in sensor-based applications. Then, we suggest a set of new research directions in this area, especially for those applications that are used in Smart Cities.

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Number of Slides:  44
Duration:  40 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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