Device to Device Discovery for High-Frequency 5G Networks

Speaker:  Faraz Hasan – Palmerston North, New Zealand
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


5G will be deployed in the 3.5GHz band across the world in the first instance. The future deployments in high-frequency bands (28GHz, 38GHz, etc.) will unleash the true potential of 5G technology. However, the communication range of wireless signals tuned at such high frequencies is considerably smaller than that available in 4G and pre-4G technologies. In order to circumvent the range limitation of 5G base stations, and also to offload some of the traffic going through them, the concept of Device-to-Device communication has been introduced. This talk will cover the basics of D2D communication with special focus on how nearby devices ‘discover’ each other in the absence of network infrastructure.
This talk will benefit postgraduate researchers and students who have interests in next generation networking. The participants will get an understanding of a specific area related to 5G deployed at high transmission frequencies.  

About this Lecture

Number of Slides:  40
Duration:  45 - 60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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