Affect-Driven Self-Adaptation: A Step Forward in Human-Centered Software

Speaker:  Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez – Tempe, AZ, United States
Topic(s):  Information Systems, Search, Information Retrieval, Database Systems, Data Mining, Data Science


Affect signals what humans care about and is involved in rational decision-making and action selection. Many technologies may be improved by the capability to recognize human affect and to respond adaptively by appropriately modifying their operation. This capability, named affect-driven self-adaptation, benefits systems as diverse as learning environments, healthcare applications, and video games, and indeed, has the potential to improve systems that interact intimately with users across all sectors of society. 

This lecture describes the fundamentals and a step-by-step approach to jumpstart the development of affect-driven self-adaptive systems. As fundamentals, it introduces concepts and mechanisms related to monitor users’ affect and their contextual interaction with systems to detect opportunities for improvements, to select a course of action, and to effect changes. The step-by-step approach describes a domain-specific architecture and well-documented process guidelines using patterns. Patterns facilitate an understanding of the organization of affect-driven self-adaptive systems, and their implementation by systematically customizing a comprehensive, flexible, and reusable infrastructure of components. It is shown how these structures complement each other and how certain qualities are affected by each one. 

Lecture objectives include the following:

* Introduce sensing technologies – what if computers know you better than you know yourself

* Describe nuts and bolts of implementing intelligence – where intelligence lives

* Define components to be considered – how to orchestrate the system

* Examine design patterns – what problems are faced and what solutions can be applied

* Describe Mistakes and quality – what can go wrong 

Examples are presented describing the development of intelligent tutors and video games that demonstrate the potential of affect-driven self-adaptation. 

About this Lecture

Number of Slides:  60
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English, Spanish
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