Communications in Vehicular Networks: Opportunities for Optimization and Learning

Speaker:  Enrique Alba – Malaga, Spain
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


Vehicular Networks (VANET) are an exciting new research field that poses a big challenge to existing technologies. Defining how connections should be established, used, and profited from means working in computer science, telecommunications, protocols, software, and security issues. This lecture will address the different opportunities for defining and solving new problems in VANET. Many of them come from ideas like achieving an optimal tuning of the base software protocols broadcasting and routing data among cars (Vehicle to Vehicle or V2V), while others can come from the interactions among cars and the traffic infrastructure, like red lights and information panels (Vehicle to Infrastructure or V2I). A long list of potential academic and industrial problems can be then identified, like optimizing the broadcasting to allow actual communication among fast moving cars, defining optimal cycles for red lights, interacting with intelligent panels in a city to improve data flow, data mining approaches for problematic area discovery, enhancing the transport of goods under dynamic conditions in logistics, and a big etc. These topics will be discussed and exemplified in the talk, especially in connection to metaheuristics and evolutionary algorithms.

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Number of Slides:  42
Duration:  50 minutes
Languages Available:  English, Spanish
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