Decentralized Trusted Platform for Requirement Engineering

Speaker:  Madhusudan Singh – Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Topic(s):  Security and Privacy


In the Requirements elicitation phase of requirements gathering, a lot of information is collected and documented from the stakeholders and customers. Every new discussion with customers and stakeholders brings up new ideas, which is very challenging for the requirements engineer to maintain the consistency and verifiability with the previously recorded information. Neither the customers nor stakeholders account for what they said, what they are saying, and what they want. Using the systematic manual analysis or an executable model to check requirements is not enough. There is an emergent need for an open, transparent and verifiable platform network like Blockchain for customers, stakeholders, and requirements engineers for communicating, collaborating and collecting their ideas, thoughts, and requirements clearly and coming up to a consensus. It will help the requirements engineer to analyze clearly and elicit verifiable, traceable, comprehensible requirements for the system, which can maximally comply with the needs of all the customers and stakeholders involved with the software system. Therefore, Blockchain can play a significant role in the security requirements engineering domain. A blockchain platform can develop a secure, trusted environment model for secure requirement engineering with the help of its key features (Consensus, Cryptography, Smart contract, and ledger); they can build a secure distributed and decentralize bond during the requirement engineering process.
In our talk, we will introduce Software engineering with Blockchain technology, security requirements challenges, and solutions for software engineering.

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Number of Slides:  45
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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