Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Speaker:  Balamurugan Shanmugam – Coimbatore, India
Topic(s):  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural language processing


Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the next-big-game changer in technology. We are the living in the time, where every person in the world has access to technology.  Technologies in past few years have grown leaps & bounds. Computing has enabled machines to learn, making machine & tools become smarter. They can now optimize and act as per the practices of the user and save lot of time & money of the user. This is the sign of lot of upcoming advancements in application of Artificial Intelligence in various sectors of science and engineering. By empowering machines to think and take decision by itself, will make the machine to enrich and enhance in knowledge and capacity. Artificial Intelligence has seen its development since past half century, that today Artificial Intelligence is capable to work faster, smarter and more accurate than humans.

Artificial Intelligence started its journey in 1956, when John McCarthy coined the term. A lot of research had been done in the past decades on Artificial Intelligence and Expert system its merits and demerits and possible application areas. The key technologies include- Natural Language Generation speech Recognition, Virtual Agents, machine Learning Platforms, Artificial Intelligence-optimized hardware, Decision Management, Deep learning platforms, Biometrics, Robotic process Automation, Text Analytics and Natural Language processing. According to research survey conducted by (BIN sights, Artificial Intelligence is going to have its huge impact in the following sector in the future-Healthcare, Advertising, Sales and Marketing, Business Intelligence, Security, Finance, IOT/Wearable’s, Education, Customer Relationship Management, Personal Assistants E-commerce and Robotics.  

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