CMOS Fault detection and Correction ? Building a Reliable Reconfigurable and Robust System

Speaker:  Sakthivel Ramachandran – VELLORE, India
Topic(s):  Hardware, Power and Energy


In the last few years CMOS technology has become increasingly dominant for realizing Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits. The popularity of this technology is due to its high density and low power requirement. The ability to realize very complex circuits on a single chip has brought about a revolution in the world of electronics and computers. However, the rapid advancements in this area pose many new problems in the area of testing. Testing has become a very time-consuming process. 

In order to ease the burden of testing, many schemes for designing the circuit for improved testability have been devised. These design for testability techniques have begun to catch the attention of chip manufacturers. The trend is towards placing increased emphasis on these techniques. Another by-product of the increase in the complexity of chips is their higher susceptibility to faults. In order to take care of this problem, we need to build fault-tolerant systems. The area of fault-tolerant computing has steadily gained in importance.

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