Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Computing

Speaker:  Sanjaya Kumar Panda – Warangal, India
Topic(s):  Applied Computing


Cloud computing has grown exponentially in the business and research community over the last few years. It is now an emerging field and becomes more popular due to recent advances in virtualization technology. It has a wide range of applications, such as in IT industry, business, banking, finance, government, health care, agriculture, forensic and education. In such areas, application may be very complex and large in size, which is comprised of independent and dependent tasks. These tasks are assigned to the virtual machines (VMs) or clouds for its execution. However, ordering of tasks is the main concern in cloud computing, which is referred as resource allocation and task scheduling problem. It is a well-known NP-complete problem. Therefore, various studies have already been performed to obtain near optimal solution. Most of these works have been carried out in a single cloud environment. However, it is not possible to accommodate all the applications of the customers in the peak time as no datacenter has unlimited resources. Hence, there is a need to distribute applications among multiple clouds, which is very much challenging in the heterogeneous multi-cloud environment.

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