Scientific paper-writing

Speaker:  Schahram Dustdar – Vienna, Austria
Topic(s):  Applied Computing


This talk is mainly intended for PhD students in their first year. In this talk I will discuss how the act of paper writing works, what the top lessons-learned are. We will discuss in detail why scientific paper writing is not ike journalism and what that means for the PhD student. 
(1) In the Introduction we will discuss how you can become the "sculptor" of your thoughts and therefore the designer and  architect of your ideas for your research paper. We discuss the top 10 most important Do's and Don'ts  for thinking and writing scientific papers as well as the purpose of writing papers. You will also learn a fresh look at the two fundamental ways to approach knowledge. (2) Secondly, we discuss the Art & Science of writing an outstanding Abstract. We will discuss in detail the Do's and Don'ts for this topic as well as teach you the 10 most important things you need to remember when you write an Abstract for your research paper. (3) Thirdly, we discuss the fundamentals of writing with co-authors. Which tools should I use? Which Do's and Don'ts for collaborating with co-authors to remember? Which author names should go first? Which should go last? What is the mystery behind the author list? Check-in, and you will learn. (4) Finally, we discuss the concept of peer reviewing, which stands at the heart of the scientific process. 
Who are "peers", who evaluate your paper? How is the overall process: 
from you submitting your paper up to its publication? What are the most important steps in this process?

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Number of Slides:  51
Duration:  99 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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