Efficiently Achieving Quality in Software Development Process Through Low-Level Quality Assurance Activities

Speaker:  Sanjay Misra – Lagos, Nigeria
Topic(s):  Software Engineering and Programming


Software quality assurance is important for improving the quality of the software development process a product. However, by considering the constraints and practical problems of the software companies to adopt the standard quality assurance models, in this presentation, we suggest easy and acceptable solutions.  We divided all SQA activities into two levels: a first high level where a company can apply standards like CMMI or ISO and a second lower level, where new techniques, frameworks and models can be applied in requirements, design and testing phases during a project. In the presented work, we are concentrating on improving quality at this lower project level. 
In particular, we have worked to improve the requirement analysis in multi-cultural environments, to develop a new, improved model for the inspection process and to propose an original efficient method for test case generation. By integrating all three contributions, we can control the quality at requirements, at design (inspection) and at testing phases, allowing the coverage of the main cycle of software development.

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