Testing and Debugging of Software Regressions

Speaker:  Abhik Roychoudhury – Singapore, Singapore
Topic(s):  Security and Privacy


Software regressions, where a previously working program fails on certain tests after changes, constitute a major source of delays and missed schedules in any large software development project. Finding the root-cause of software regressions is troublesome because of the lack of formal capture of the programmer’s intention. In this talk, I will discuss two alternative approaches to tackle the problem.
First, we show how symbolic execution based analysis of the program versions can help uncover a glimpse of the intended program behavior. Such a symbolic execution based analysis can be used for finding the root-cause of a software regression as observed in a given test, or for finding test cases which arel ikely to expose software regressions.
Secondly, we discuss a change contract language which tries to capture the programmer’s intention in making changes. We believe that the concept of “change contract” constitutes a pragmatic step towards introducing some formal documentation over a large existing body of code with no formal specifications.

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Number of Slides:  50
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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