Indoor Geographic Information Systems: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker:  Moustafa A Youssef – New Borg Elarab City, Alexandria, Egypt
Topic(s):  Software Engineering and Programming


Traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) focus on capturing and analyzing outdoor geographical data. However, there is no corresponding effort for indoor data and indoor GISs remain an open territory for exploration and innovation. 
In this talk, we will explore the challenges and opportunities for realizing an indoor GIS. In a particular, we believe that the lack of world-wide indoor floorplans database, indoor points of interests, as well as a ubiquitous indoor localization system all hinder the existence of such system. We therefore present the CrowdInside: a crowdsourcing-based system for the automatic construction of buildings floorplans on a wolrd-wide scale. CrowdInside leverages the smart phones sensors that are ubiquitously available with humans who use a building to automatically and transparently construct accurate motion traces. These accurate traces are generated based on a novel technique for reducing the errors in the inertial motion traces by using the points of interest in the indoor environment, such as elevators and stairs, for error resetting. The collected traces are then processed to detect the overall floorplan shape as well as higher level semantics such as detecting rooms and corridors shapes along with a variety of points of interest in the environment. 
We end the talk by discussing possible extensions to CrowdInside for inferring even higher level semantics about the discovered floorplans as well as the opportunities enabled by indoor GISs.

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Number of Slides:  40
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  Arabic, English
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