Device-free Localization: The future for Ubiquitous Sensing

Speaker:  Moustafa A Youssef – New Borg Elarab City, Alexandria, Egypt
Topic(s):  Applied Computing


WLAN Device-free Passive (DfP) localization is an emerging field in location determination enabling the localization of entities that neither carry any devices nor participate actively in the localization process using the already installed wireless infrastructure. The DfP concept utilizes the fact that RF characteristics are functions of the surrounding environment. Changes in the received physical signals can be used to identify the presence of humans and objects, track them, as well as identify their characteristics. DfP systems are attractive for many practical applications including: intrusion detection and tracking, sensor-less sensing, low cost surveillance, home automation, and interactive visual display systems for museums and retail stores.
Based on its characteristics, DfP fits the vision of ubiquitous computing, where each device in the environment can be potentially used to sense the human behavior. We will present different DfP systems used for intrusion detection, localization, activity recognition, among others based on ubiquitous wireless technologies such as WiFi, FM signals, cellular, etc. Open research challenges and future directions will also be discussed.

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Number of Slides:  40
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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