Computational Optometry: Optometry and Vision Science Meets Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling

Speaker:  Brian A. Barsky – Berkeley, CA, United States
Topic(s):  Graphics and Computer-Aided Design


We define computational optometry as multidisciplinary research integrating optometry and vision science with computer graphics and geometric modeling.  This endeavor began with research on a cornea shape reconstruction algorithm, scientific visualization of cornea shape, design and fabrications of contact lenses, and the simulation of the mechanics of a contact lens on the cornea, and these topics will be briefly discussed.  This led to work on vision realistic rendering where the vision of  a particular individual is simulated based on real measurements of his or her entire optical system.   Using these measurements, synthetics images are generated.  This process modifies input images to simulate the appearance of the scene for the individual.  Our recent work on vision-correcting displays will also be discussed.  Given the measurements of the optical aberrations of a user’s eye, a vision correcting display will present a transformed image that when viewed by this individual will appear in sharp focus. Vision correction could be provided in some cases where spectacles are ineffective.  This work was selected as one of 2014's ten "World Changing Ideas” by Scientific American.

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