Innovative Approaches to Teaching Animation

Speaker:  Brian A. Barsky – Berkeley, CA, United States
Topic(s):  Graphics and Computer-Aided Design


This presentation will discuss two innovative courses on animation.  First, "The Art of Animation" explores the artistic, aesthetic, and cinematographic underpinnings of animation and is complementary to courses on the mathematics, physics, and algorithms that underlie computer graphics and computer animation.  The course addresses art, aesthetics, cinematography, camera angles, camera motion, composition, staging, motion, evoking emotion, cartoon physics, character development, story telling, acting, improvisation, physical movement, exaggeration, Disney principles of animation, drawing, storyboards, etc.  Second, "Advanced Digital Animation" is a two-semester sequence in which large groups of students develop a short animation.  Students are exposed to the full range of steps involved in the production process.  Topics include story and character development, visual art design, sound and foley design, visual effects, lighting, rendering, optimization, and advanced image composition.  This presentation will be complemented by the showing examples of student work from the two courses.

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