A View of Usability and UX from the Viewpoint of User Engineering

Speaker:  Masaaki Kurosu – Tokyo, Japan
Topic(s):  Information Systems, Search, Information Retrieval, Database Systems, Data Mining, Data Science


Based on the classification of quality characteristics where two dimensions, objective quality vs. subjective quality and artifact quality vs. quality in use. the author differentiated various quality characteristics into four category groups. He pointed out where the usability can be located and what the sub characteristics of usability are as well as the difference between the usability and the quality in use.

Furthermore, the author suggested that the quality characteristics that relate to the UX are quality in use. And because the UX concept emphasizes the subjective aspects, both the objective quality in use and the subjective quality in use are related to the UX.

From the viewpoint of user engineering, every artifacts should be designed and manufactured considering the quality in use for a long term. And, of course, they should be designed with the care for the diversity among users. Diversity among users include "characteristics" - age, sex and gender, disability, physical traits, language, knowledge and skill, "inclination" - taste, innovativeness, religion, culture, attitude, and "situation and environment" - emotional state, arousal level, physical environment, geographical environment, temporal situation.

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Number of Slides:  100
Duration:  120 minutes
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