Design and Evaluation of Serious Games for Training and Education

Speaker:  Luca Chittaro – Udine, Italy
Topic(s):  Applied Computing


Serious games, i.e. video games to further training and education objectives, are increasingly used to prepare people for a variety of possibly difficult situations and activities. However, compared to entertainment games, the design and evaluation of such computer applications is more complex because it needs to take into account several additional factors that are not well understood yet. In this talk, I will introduce and illustrate some of the current issues in the design and evaluation of serious games, aiming at improving their theoretical grounding as well as the assessment of their practical effectiveness. I will also show how we applied the proposed ideas to real-world problems such as advanced life support training in medicine or improving emergency preparedness in the general public. The talk will include a detailed illustration and discussion of how different game genres can be put to the service of safety, including real-world case studies of design, evaluation and public deployment of applications that educate passengers about aviation safety in novel ways through game technologies.

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Number of Slides:  60
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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