From Theoretical and Empirical Understanding of Learning to Development of Smart/Learning Technologies

Speaker:  Seiji Isotani – Sao Carlos - SP, Brazil
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


Intelligent/Smart learning environments (ISLE) are computational systems that use software and hardware to enhance the process of teaching and learning. ISLE can acquire and process data from student’s interactions with the content, peers and environment (e.g. page views, learning behaviors, answers to questions, facial expressions, eye movements, emotions, mouse clicks, and so on) in order to create a model about the student. With such a model an ISLE can adapt learning materials and teaching-learning strategies as well as propose the best learning scenario that fits to the student’s needs. Furthermore, it can also provide intelligent feedback and hints that help students to overcome their difficulties. Many researchers have indicated and emphasized the potential of ISLE to overcome the limitations of existing learning environments and promote more individualized, personalized and robust learning. Yet, several challenges still remain in order to design, implement and deploy ISLE in large scale (for example, together with MOOCs). Personalization using affectivity information, inclusive interfaces, more accurate educational data mining approaches, more sophisticated user models, better data collection tools, and more flexible/adequate pedagogical approaches are some of the challenges that must be addressed by the community. In this talk, we will give an introduction about the field and discuss the important advancements in ISLE area to stimulate the audience to answer one of the four key challenges: (i) What ISLE wants to achieve in terms of applications and expected benefits? (ii) Which information should ISLE collect and use? (iii) How to model, store, reason and process data and theoretical knowledge to make adequate pedagogical decisions? (iv) When and how adaptation and personalization of learning should occur?

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Number of Slides:  70
Duration:  70 minutes
Languages Available:  English, Portuguese
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