Sustainability in IT Systems

Speaker:  Shrisha Rao – Bangalore, India
Topic(s):  Computational Theory, Algorithms and Mathematics


While we all appreciate the ways in which information technology (IT) has revolutionized society, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the full benefits of IT will be available to us and succeeding generations only if care is taken to use it responsibly.  For instance, large data centers now consume power at the rate of megawatts, just like large industrial concerns.  In the case of large systems, in addition to the power consumed by the computing devices themselves (all of which gets dissipated in the form of heat), the power consumed by the inevitable air-conditioning systems is also significant.  Data centers and clouds now also have to deal with issues such as time-varying electricity tariffs, fluctuating power availability from renewable energy sources, and demand response.  For such and other reasons as well, IT systems, large ones in particular, need to be designed to be more sustainable (in various ways), and concerns about effective resource usage are likely to play an important role in computing research, and in IT as well.

This talk presents a brief look at a few of the more important problems in sustainable computing and green IT, highlight some promising research directions that are being attempted, and also briefly touch upon some open problems and further issues that may be worth pursuing.

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Number of Slides:  40
Duration:  60 minutes
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