Human Computer Interaction: Past, Present and Future

Speaker:  Elizabeth Churchill – Mountain View, CA, United States
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is a multidisciplinary field of research and practice focused on maximizing the usability, usefulness, effectiveness and delightfulness of the interfaces between people and computers. Influenced by the engineering sciences, the social sciences and the humanities, HCI is a nimble, innovation-focused discipline, responsive to the changing technological landscape: with technological innovation, new questions arise, new methods are developed and new insights into human nature emerge. In this lecture, I will review the history of HCI as a field, discuss present challenges and speculate on the future of HCI as a field of endeavor. I will illustrate past and emerging methods through case study examples. 

About this Lecture

Number of Slides:  35
Duration:  50 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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