User Experience Design for Internet of Things

Speaker:  Henry Duh – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Topic(s):  Computational Theory, Algorithms and Mathematics


Internet of Things is recently mentioned as one of the disruptive technologies to change our daily life. For the economical development in regional areas, how IoTs can be applied to agriculture, aquaculture, mining and forest industries to increase productivity and sustainability is an emerging research challenge. Engineers and scientists are looking into the development of technologies in sensors, standards, protocols and devices. However, it is critical to understand users’ behaviours, how people experience the services provided and how to utilise and interact the data generated and collected in such environments. Sense-T program is one of the Australian government initiatives to address such issues. The talk will cover the presenter's ongoing work involved in IoTs for food producers, consumers and tourism industries. 

About this Lecture

Number of Slides:  80
Duration:  50 - 80 minutes
Languages Available:  Chinese (Simplified), English
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