Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (A-MFA) Methodology

Speaker:  Dipankar Dasgupta – Memphis, TN, United States
Topic(s):  Information Systems, Search, Information Retrieval, Database Systems, Data Mining, Data Science


Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is the current trend to genuinely identify authorized users (in multiple ways) through an authentication process via passwords, security tokens, biometrics, cognitive behavior metrics, software/hardware sensors, etc. Existing MFA systems typically use static policies for selecting authentication factors and do not consider dynamic aspects of the operating environment. We are developing an authentication framework for adaptive selection of multiple modalities at different operating environment so to make authentication strategy unpredictable to the hackers. This methodology, called adaptive multi-factor authentication (A-MFA) incorporates a novel approach of calculating trustworthy values of different authentication factors while being used under different user environmental settings. Accordingly, a subset of authentication factors are determined (at triggering events) on the fly thereby leaving no exploitable a priori pattern or clue for adversaries.  Empirical studies are conducted with varying environmental settings and the performance of the adaptive MFA is compared with other selection strategies. The empirical results reflects that such a methodology of adaptive authentication can provide legitimacy to user transactions with an added layer of access protection that is not rely on a fixed set of authentication modalities. Robustness of the system is assured by designing the framework in such a way that if any modality data get compromised, the system can still perform flawlessly using other non-compromised modalities. Scalability can also be achieved by adding new and/or improved modalities with existing set of modalities and integrating the operating/configuration parameters for the added modality.

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