The museum as a "living lab" exploring the potential contribution of novel technology in an instrumented cultural heritage site

Speaker:  Tsvi Kuflik – Haifa, Israel
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


In the framework of the PIL project, which I have directed at the University of Haifa as part of a long lasting set of Israeli-Italian collaboration projects, a “Living Lab” has been developed – The Hecht museum, at the university of Haifa was instrumented with an indoor positioning system and a museum visitors’ guide system was developed for the museum visitors. The system was available for visitors on a daily basis for over three years and served (and continues to serve) also as a test bed for experimenting with novel technologies in the museum at the same time. The instrumented museum is a good example for an instrumented building, where technology can support people in that smart environment. A variety of studies was carried out, including reasoning about social interaction of small groups – based on signals measured by sensors, interaction of visitors with large, situated displays, mobile interrupt management, indoors landmark based navigation and more.
The talk will present the instrumentation and an overview of the studies as a demonstration for the potential of technology to support visitors in smart public buildings. 

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Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English, Hebrew
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