Rapid Prototyping of Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions

Speaker:  Gabor Fichtinger – Kingston, ON, Canada
Topic(s):  Software Engineering and Programming


Real-time computational image guidance is powerful aid to physicians in carrying out minimally-invasive surgical and interventional procedures. This technology offers higher accuracy and precision and reduced trauma and recovery time, and thus ultimately reduced costs. Despite ongoing research throughout the past decade or so, the full potential of this technology is yet to be realized, and to date only a handful of commercial image-guidance intervention navigation systems have emerged. Perhaps the largest impediment to computer-assisted medical intervention research is the huge upfront investment in computation and engineering software system development required to test any new medical hypothesis. This lecture will present a sweeping translational research program carried out by the international 3D Slicer Consortium (www.slicer.org), with the objective of providing a reusable and configurable open-source software platform for rapid prototyping and early clinical translation of real-time image-guided medical intervention systems, particularly with ultrasound imaging. The talk will introduce the SlicerIGT (www.SlicerIGT.org) platform for prototyping turn-key clinical applications and the underlying Public Library for Ultrasound Toolkit (www.PlusToolkit.org) that provides supporting infrastructure for those application systems. These platforms have been used on worldwide in over 80 countries through over tens of thousands of bundled module downloads. Following an introduction to the concepts of medical imaging and computer-assisted interventions, series of use cases will illustrate the power and versatility of the aforementioned open-source prototyping platforms in creating ultrasound-guided computer-assisted intervention applications, tested clinically on humans. 

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Number of Slides:  45
Duration:  30 minutes
Languages Available:  English, Hungarian
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