Automated Unit testing is a necessity but, TDD a necessity or luxury?

Speaker:  Ranjith Tharayil – Bangalore, India
Topic(s):  Applied Computing


We all know that Test driven development, TDD is much better than test last approach, in test last we write unit tests after writing the required code. But somehow the industry still doesn’t reflect this learning in practice. According to various surveys, the amount of developers who were aware of TDD and its benefits were huge but those who were actually practicing it, in its fullest of its spirit were limited. The main culprit is that TDD is difficult to master and given the tight project deadlines one would need great motivation to learn, practice and master it by themselves. This talk is a motivational talk that emphasizes the need to embrace TDD.

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Number of Slides:  10
Duration:  45 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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