The Big News of the 21st Century

Speaker:  Seth Shostak – Mountain View, CA, United States
Topic(s):  Computational Theory, Algorithms and Mathematics


The 21st century promises to be an inflection point in the history of Homo sapiens.  While one might expect a continuing improvement in technology, a greater degree of interconnectedness, and – at some point – serious attempts to mitigate the dangers of climate change, these are simply extrapolations of what we are doing now – predictions that might be valid for a decade or two.

The really dramatic alterations in our relationship to the planet and to each other derive from far larger developments.  We will finally understand biology, and invent our successors.  Earth, as the sole abode for our species (or our engineered descendants), is almost certainly destined to be untenable in short order.

There’s both obvious danger, and less obvious promise in the next hundred years.  In this talk we look into a crystal ball and dare to see what will be the truly revolutionary developments that are coming down the pike.

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Duration:  50 - 55 minutes
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