The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence  Boundless Benefits  or the Threat of Runaway Machine Sentience?

Speaker:  Seth Shostak – Mountain View, CA, United States
Topic(s):  Society and the Computing Profession


Of the several transformative developments we can expect in the 21st century, none has more promise – or generates more concern – than the invention of generalized, artificial intelligence.  The societal effects of machines that have the cognitive capability of humans are already being discussed, but what’s often omitted from these conversations are the consequences of the fact that such machines are only a first step towards devices that far outstrip human intelligence.  An inescapable corollary to these developments is that in our search for extraterrestrial intelligence, we are naïve to expect to receive signals from other biological beings.  Straightforward time arguments imply that such searches, should they succeed, will reveal that the majority of the intelligence in the cosmos is synthetic. 

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