Adaptive Availability for Quality of Service

Speaker:  Theo Schlossnagle – Fulton, MD, United States
Topic(s):  Computational Theory, Algorithms and Mathematics


In this presentation, I'll talk about lessons learned in building a always-on distributed time-series database with aggressive quality of service guarantees. As any distributed systems engineer knows, coping with a failed machine is an easy problem compared to an under performing one. When SLAs are tight, under performing is effectively byzantine behavior. I will talk about both macro and micro techniques used in our system to cope with bad machines, bad actors and other poorly qualified badness. Most are adaptive techniques backed with both local and cluster-wide statistical analysis of observed behavior.

 Key Takeaways
Learn concrete approaches to discovering, analyzing, and optimizing poorly performing or latent nodes in a cluster.
Hear about tools and techniques that can be used to capture and model behavior.
Understand lessons from building applications to model performance on distributed systems.

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