Analytics for UX and CX: Key KPIs and Goals

Speaker:  Beverly May – Brooklyn, NY, United States
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


A powerful but often-ignored gold mine of UX and CX design research, analysis, evaluation, and persuasion exists that even many senior UX designers ignore: digital metrics.  Web and mobile metrics contain a trove of useful behavioral and usability data that UX practitioners can use to complement the typically qualitative research approaches of user centered design. Rather than relying on a small samples of users, metrics reveal the actual behaviors of all past users, and can also be used for ideation and to evaluate competitor products. The trick is to know where to source the data, how to read it, and its implications. This talk will help CX, UX and digital product designers embrace web and mobile metrics for more convincing, effective and irrefutable outcomes. Attendees will learn the most common social, mobile, commerce and web metrics; how to align metrics with the user, product, and business goals; how metrics can guide UX at any stage; some sources of where and how to gather free metrics data; and which metrics best suit which type of project.

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