Data Analytics for Healthcare Services

Speaker:  Sherif Sakr – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Topic(s):  Computational Theory, Algorithms and Mathematics


The last decade has seen huge advances in the scale of data we routinely generate and collect in pretty much everything we do, as well as our ability to use technology to analyze and understand it. The intersection of these trends is what we call Big Data Science and it is currently helping in every domain to become more productive and efficient. In the era of Big Data, healthcare industry is being challenged to develop better techniques, skills and tools to deal competently with the flood of patient data and its inherent insights. Modern data science technologies can play an effective role to tackle this challenge and change the future for improving our lives. This talk introduces the role that the new trend of Big Data science can play in the health care domain and discusses the main aspects of this trend including its benefits, applications and various opportunities in the healthcare domain. Methods and technology progress of Big Data Science are also overviewed in this talk. Case studies are presented. The challenges of Big Data Science in medical applications and health care are discussed as well.

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Number of Slides:  100
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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