Storages Are Not Forever

Speaker:  Bebo White – San Francisco, CA, United States
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


Like the well-known concern over diminishing fossil fuels, information technology is bringing its own unique future challenges. This lecture describes one of the most fundamental of these concerns -  the limited/finite amount of data storage. By means of a simple extrapolatory analysis, it can be shown that IT systems are on track to exhaust global storage capacity in less than two centuries assuming current technology growth and no recycling. This conclusion should be taken as a call to expand research initiatives in three primary directions: 
1. Optimize storage use through the development of innovative data analysis techniques to represent, derive, and aggregate useful knowledge while filtering out noise from data; 
2. Engineer the interplay between storage and computing to minimize storage allocation; 
3. Explore ingenious solutions to expand storage capacity. 

This lecture describes the analyses leading to these conclusions and speculates how the research community might be motivated to address them.

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