A Wireless Sensor Network Based Closed-loop System for Subsurface Contaminant Monitoring

Speaker:  Qi Han – Golden, CO, United States
Topic(s):  Networks and Communications


Toxic chemicals and biological agents are released into the subsurface as a result of accidental spills, improper disposal, or intentional damage. These releases cause migrating plumes with concentrations that are spatially distributed and transient. The contaminant invades previously unaffected or cleaner parts of the environment, posing potential risk to humans and the ecological environment, so temporal and spatial monitoring of the plume concentrations are needed to assess risk, make decisions and take remedial action.  The current monitoring technologies involve the use of pre-determined sampling locations where the contaminant is already present or is expected to arrive. This ad-hoc placement of sampling ports to monitor three-dimensional spatially complex and transient contaminant plumes is often inefficient, expensive and sometimes ineffective.  With advances in wireless sensor networking technology and the miniaturization of sensors for sampling contaminants, it has now become possible to significantly expand real-time fine-scale monitoring capabilities. Wireless sensor network based monitoring will be able to capture transient plumes to assess the source and predict future plume behavior using numerical models that can be continuously re-calibrated, making a paradigm shift in the way environmental monitoring is carried out for remediation design and decision making.  In this talk, I will discuss our efforts in developing a real-time closed-loop system integrating wireless sensor data acquisition to numerical flow transport models.   I will first describe the setup of an experimental system in an aquifer test bed instrumented with wireless sensor nodes. I will then present our techniques to improve quality of sensor data and our findings in the sensor network setup.

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Number of Slides:  40
Duration:  50 minutes
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