Taming the Uncertainty in Supporting Distributed Sensor Applications

Speaker:  Qi Han – Golden, CO, United States
Topic(s):  Web, Mobile and Multimedia Technologies


With the advances in computational, communication, and sensing capabilities, large-scale sensor-based distributed environments are becoming a reality. However, the dynamic nature of wireless sensor networks causes many uncertainties in supporting applications. In this talk, I will focus on approaches in taming one aspect of the uncertainties - data accuracy. Since sensors are resource constrained, often sensor data is collected into a sensor database that resides at more powerful servers. A natural tradeoff exists between the sensor resources (bandwidth, energy) consumed and the quality of data collected at the server. Blindly transmitting sensor updates at a fixed periodicity to the server results in a suboptimal solution due to the differences in stability of sensor values and due to the varying application needs that impose different quality requirements across sensors. This talk presents an adaptive data collection mechanism for sensor environments that adjusts to these variations while at the same time optimizing the energy consumption of sensors. I will also touch upon how we deal with other aspects of the uncertainties - latency and reliability.

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Number of Slides:  40
Duration:  50 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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