Computer Architecture Flops and Failures

Speaker:  Perry Victor Lea – Boise, ID, United States
Topic(s):  Architecture, Embedded Systems and Electronics, Robotics


During this conversation, we will discuss computer flops.  Not necessarily floating-point operations per second, but failures and pitfalls that have served the computer industry for the last 40 years.  We will survey the rise and fall of several great computer manufactures with novel and compelling computer architectures at the time.  An attempt is made to explain what they did well and contributed and what they all shared in common to contribute to their eventual chapter 11 filings.  We also touch on the future of computer architecture, where we are now and what challenges need resolution.  We look at up and coming architectures and their chances of success.

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Number of Slides:  43
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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