Security of the Internet of Things: Are We Paranoid Enough?

Speaker:  Swarup Bhunia – Gainesville, FL, United States
Topic(s):  Architecture, Embedded Systems and Electronics, Robotics


Security has become a critical design challenge for modern electronic hardware. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) regime that promises exciting new applications from smart cities to connected autonomous vehicles and an unprecedented scale of connected computing/sensing devices, security has come to the forefront of the system design process. Recent discoveries and reports on numerous security attacks on microchips and circuits violate the well-regarded concept of hardware trust anchors. It has prompted system designers to develop wide array of design-for-security and test/validation solutions to achieve high security assurance for electronic hardware, which supports the software stack. At the same time, emerging security issues and countermeasures have also led to interesting interplay between security, verification, and interoperability. Verification of hardware for security and trust at different levels of hardware abstraction is rapidly becoming an integral part of the system design flow. The global economic trend that promotes outsourcing of design and fabrication process to untrusted facilities coupled with the prevalent practice of system on chip (SoC) design using untrusted 3rd party intellectual property blocks (IPs), has given rise to the critical need of trust verification of IPs, system-on-chip design, and fabricated chips. 

The talk will focus on spectrum of security challenges for IoTs throughout its life cycle and describe emerging solutions in creating secure trustworthy hardware that can enable IoT security for the mass. Specific threats at the hardware level, spanning microchips to printed circuit boards to systems, will be discussed. Current industry practices and emerging solutions in hardware protection through low-cost design solutions as well as effective verification approaches – pre- and post-fabrication – will be presented. Finally, the talk will cover the emerging needs in hardware security and future research directions in this area.

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Number of Slides:  52
Duration:  75 minutes
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